What is A Certified Shearer?


A certified shearer has attended a training course at an American Sheep Industry (ASI) shearing school that teaches the New Zealand method of shearing. This method was developed with modern shearing gear to be efficient and as gentle as possible on the animals while maintaining fleece quality.

In California, a week long intensive shearing training is offered by UC Davis and the Mendocino Ag advisor, John Harper. This is an ASI certified class and teaches the basic equipment and techniques of shearing. This class offers a thorough introduction, yet shearing, like many art forms, is a practice which requires the action of experience and actually shearing sheep.

All our shearers have attended this course and are certified, Jr. Level Shearers. Jr. Level relates to the number of sheep a shearer averages per day and does not reflect the quality of their shearing. To be considered Sr. Level you must be able to shear over 100 sheep in a day.