We Love Sheep is a cooperative of shearers and educators who specialize in shearing small to medium sized flocks and in educating our clients and the public about best practices for handling and caring for their sheep.
While the sheep industry has typically dealt with giant flocks, more and more people have become interested in maintaining smaller flocks for grazing their property, for a few high quality fleeces to play with or for a bit of well raised meat for the freezer.
Traditionally shearing is done on a mobile trailer unit with fixed shearing equipment and space for 2-5 shearers who will each shear anywhere from 100-300 sheep a day. These units travel far and wide every Spring, but only work places where there are enough sheep to sustain them.  Finding a quality shearer willing to work on small farms and homesteads is the exception.
We offer a selection of quality certified shearers to help you manage your flock of 1 to 100 sheep.