K.Ruby Blume, Kid Glove Shearing

IMG_1281.JPGK.Ruby Blume has attended the UC Davis shearing course twice and considers herself to be a Junior Junior level shearer. She says, “I am definitely not the fastest shearer in the world but I offer the caring touch of a woman–something rare in the world of shearing.  I will be extremely gentle with your animals, handling them with kid gloves, and will talk you through the entire process to set your heart and mind at ease.  I specialize in flocks of 1-5 animals”

Ruby is an educator, gardener, beekeeper, artist and householder  with 20+ years experience in urban agriculture and traditional homesteading skills.  She has studied everything from pollination ecology to sewing machine repair and has taught herself canning, cheesemaking and fermentation techniques as well as how to set tile, do electrical wiring, tend a beehive and repair a motorcycle.  An excellent maker of things she has extensive experience in graphic design, photography, ceramics, mosaic, fiber arts, warm glass, cheesemaking, winemaking and homemade goodes of all kinds.  Ruby is founder and former director of   The Institute of Urban Homesteading, a small school of urban agriculture and traditional skills for adults and co-author of the book Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living.  Information about her work as a natural beekeeper can be found at BeeRepair.com and information on her artwork and publications can be found at rogueruby.com.


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