Many variables are figured into what we charge.  Each job is a little different and  each of our shearers reserve the right to charge what they feel they need to give you the best service possible.

Our work for you begins with the first email contact and includes drive time, gas, wear and tear on vehicles and  equipment. We have to consider the number of hours it will take  to accomplish your entire job, including driving and set up and this often figures into the price as much, if not more than the time it will take to shear your flock. Before we can give you an accurate quote we will  ask you to provide information via our questionnaire.

There is no industry standard for the price of sheep shearing. It is common to be charged a minimum, or set-up fee, as well as a per head fee that depends on the breed and sex of the animals, the quality of the handling facilities and help provided.

Commercial rates for Sr. level shearers working large flocks are generally lower per sheep. $5-6 per sheep is not uncommon, but this is for situations with large numbers, consistent breeds, good facilities and wool handlers, where a shearer can shear 100+ sheep a day to earn a good wage. These shearers will not come to a small farm, as there are not enough animals to make it worth the time. Small flocks can often be much harder work as the sheep breeds and condition vary wildly and few have top notch handling facilities.  We factor in all this, as well as trying to balance our price with the varying local economies where we work (the economy in California,  for example, is quite different than where we live in Southern Oregon for example).

Per head charge varies $6-15 per head, depending on size, breed, sex and condition of the sheep, as well as number of sheep (we typically charge less per sheep for larger flocks). Hoof trimming is an additional $3-5 per head and like all other flock management work should be contracted prior to shearing.  Rams, yearlings and horned animals are charged higher.  In addition, we will charge a set up fee that reflects drive time and difficultly or setting up to shear in your location.

Special needs shearing will be charged on a per case basis. This includes emergency situations that need immediate attention such as a ewe whose lamb cannot find the teats or bad cases of fly strike. Demonstrations or educational shearing for an audiences counts as special needs shearing and will also be charged at a higher rate.

Estimated price of service is quoted via email based on the information given, this can change based on the actual on-site conditions of farms and sheep if found to vary widely from the information that was provided.

This is a skilled, specialty service, that requires training, experience and specialty tools and is back breaking labor. A good shearer is worth the cost.