We charge modern shearing rates for small flock shearing services.  A small flock is anywhere from 1-100 sheep.  Commercial shearing for hundreds or thousands of head is done on a trailer and sheep are fed to the shearer so that he or she can shear 100+ head a day, making a good wage at $4-6 per head.  Small flock shearing requires much more work for far fewer animals. In order to make a good wage, we charge accordingly.

Our work begins with the first email contact and includes drive time, gas, wear and tear on vehicles and  equipment. We have to consider the entire time your job will take, including the sometimes extensive emailing to set up the job, drive time and and set up.

To give you an idea what to expect, we include below our standard pricing.  These assume that we  have multiple jobs in your area, or that you are local to us (1 hour or less drive time) and that the condition of the sheep and shearing site are good to excellent.   If you are far from us and we do not have enough work in your area, we’ll charge either drive time plus standard shearing rates or  a day rate.

Each job is a little different and  each of our shearers reserve the right to charge what they feel they need to give you the best service possible. In other words, we reserve the right to vary from these prices for extra drive time, sheep or site in fair to poor condition or any other reason we see fit.

Estimated price of service is quoted via email based on the information given, this can change based on the actual on-site conditions of farms and sheep if found to vary widely from the information that was provided.  This is a skilled, specialty service, that requires training, experience and specialty tools and is back breaking labor. A good shearer is worth the cost.

1-5 sheep  $125 (this is our minimum charge)
6 -25 sheep $75 set up chargge plus $8-12 per head depending on condition, number, breed etc.
26-100 sheep per head charge $5-10 per head depending on condition, breed etc.
Driving $75 per hour
Half day rate  $375
Full day rate $500
Demonstration  Shearing  $250-400
Babydoll Southdown sheep $20 per animal extra charge
Extra Years wool:  double charge

For 10 or less sheep we usually trim hooves or shear rams at no extra charge.  Above 10 sheep, hooves are $3-5 and rams count double.

Special needs shearing will be charged on a per case basis. This includes emergency situations that need immediate attention such as a ewe whose lamb cannot find the teats or bad cases of fly strike.